The Open is over, now what?

The Open is over, now what? 
Train FTW Team, 

Just a quick note to congratulate everyone on the Open and communicate the upcoming focus for all training tracks. Congratulations on Open #1 for 2019, let’s get the rest of 2019’s party started!

– Our TrainFTW Team

Coming Up For TRIBE

  • New focus every 6-8 weeks
  • Testing (Starts week of April 22nd)

We will be changing our template for the remaining 2019. As always our BIG focus for TRIBE is general fitness but we will be adding a spin. A short term focus to work on every 6-8 weeks. This is a great way to boost motivation and engagement in the gym. Communicating with your members what the current focus is and assist in creating realistic goals will help drive athlete retention and referrals.

Our first focus will be on prepping for Murph (May 27th), increasing our pull-up, push-up and running stamina as well as getting used to using weight while moving.

While there will be some workouts designed to direct this focus, but also look at some of the warm-ups and cooldowns to be in direct correlation to these goals.

We will be starting the “Murph” focus the week of April 22nd. That same week we will start our testing phase for 2019. During these tests compare results to 2018 to gauge improvement. We will also repeat these tests approximately 3-4 months later. We recommend utilizing this time period to establish some short-term goals with your athletes to see improvement in their specific desired area. This is an opportunity for a goal with Murph as well as other sport specific or workout goals to be created.

You may have noticed an increase in the strict gymnastics elements over the last couple of months. The primary goals of this have been to help build structural integrity around the joints as well as to intentionally slow athletes down in some conditioning elements. You will see strict elements involved on a consistent basis primarily as accessory work and less frequently in conditioning elements. If you have any questions or concerns on how to implement these at your affiliate, do not hesitate to reach out at any time!

Coming Up For COMPETE 

  • Age Group Qualifier 
  • Testing 
  • Strength
  • October Open 

As you’ve all seen, the 3 weeks after the Open is a “chill”, “recover” and “rejuvenate”, 3 weeks. This is important NO matter what your goals are so PLEASE take these seriously.  Resist the urge to add extra volume and go add extra fun if you need extra!

Congratulations goes out to those that qualified for the Masters! We have a few victors on the team and we are going to celebrate by prepping for the age qualifiers with them. YAY! This will be another opportunity to test our fitness with a little friendly in-house competition.

Our testing for COMPETE starts the week of April 22nd.

After the age qualifiers, we will head into our first major mesocycle to help us prepare for the Open in October. The strength training focus for this mesocycle will have an initial focus on strength/hypertrophy before moving into Olympic lifts. These will be shorter than in 2018 due to the change in competition seasons. We will also utilize a high volume of accessory work during the initial phase of this cycle before moving into more classic conditioning as the priority. Expect another open prep period to start at the beginning/middle of August.


  • Squats Cycle 
  • Open Workouts 
  • Beyond

Those of you on team THRIVE, know we are in the middle of a squat cycle. We have 6 more weeks. Hang tight it’s about to get fun.

Some have asked about competition and Open workouts. THRIVE is intended for the person looking to stay fit for life, be it for their job, life or their recreational activities. We intentionally do not program for the Open or competition, but please feel free to have fun with them. Matt follows THRIVE exclusively and qualified for the age group qualifier, it is a robust program built for life!

In THRIVE we have cycles of 8-12 weeks of a focused element followed by 2-3 weeks recovery between. This is meant to target common areas people struggle with or just common areas we can all elevate. Feel free to suggest a focus in the feed and comment on how you like them.

For all TEAMS we love your comments and input. Please reach out and let us know how everything is going. Utilize the FEEDS, we’re here for you! 
Thank you again for your trust. If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Train Hard,
Matt, Eric and the TrainFTW Team
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  1. Actually pretty excited. Stamina has always been a weakness for me, so working on that for Murph is exactly what I need!

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