"I feel stronger and healthier"


My 14-year-old son started working with Daryl at Ideal CrossFit last May. He was small for his age and struggling with his self-esteem because most other boys his age were bigger, stronger, quicker, and thinner. Daryl was so great with him. He challenged him without making him feel like he wasn’t good enough. Daryl has always been ultra conscientious about making sure Nick’s form is correct so he won’t injure himself. I don’t think I could ever trust anyone else to coach Nick. I don’t think anyone would take care of him the way Daryl does.
Now, almost a year later, he is a completely different kid – physically and emotionally. He has become lean, strong, confident, competitive, and proud. I love watching my boy build his confidence and his self-esteem through CrossFit. This is one of the best parenting decisions we have made for him. I am forever grateful for the way that Daryl has invested in my son.
I decided to join the class a few months ago. I had told myself that I couldn’t do it because if several old injuries. Daryl assured me that he could work around my limitations. It turns out that I really don’t really have as many limitations as I thought – I just needed to get stronger. After just a few months of CrossFit, I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years. I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I push myself to do something that I couldn’t do before.
I highly recommend Ideal CrossFit to everyone that I come in contact with. You really have to come see what you are missing!

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