"Ideal is full of positive"


There is a stark contrast between a regular CrossFit certified trainer and one that is genetically programmed to teach others to be their best. What Daryl brings to this community cannot be taught. Like Davinci’s ability to construct a painting by observing the natural world, Daryl can pinpoint an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses (both physical and mental) and create a precise roadmap specifically for them that keeps them improving at a rapid pace in a safe and encouraging environment.
After 8 months I’ve increased my squat by 75%, dropped my mile run time over 90 seconds (to nearly sub 6 minutes), and shaved off an hour of sleep at night. I have more energy than I can ever remember, helping me keep up with my two small kids and improving my marriage as a wonderful side-effect.
Finally, I can’t mention CrossFit without saying something about the community. Ideal is full of positive, fun and inspirational people and through osmosis you will learn to be consistent, persevere and work hard with a smile. The community reflects Daryl’s values and embedding yourself in this group will change your life – period.

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