Athlete of the MonthJuly

Laura Wright

I could see and feel changes

Tell us aboutself your!
I am the daughter of two parents and the sister of two younger brothers and a sister in law. I am a Christian and I am active in my church. I play the Timpani in the church orchestra and also teach music, currently, with preschoolers. I am also active with the American Rosie the Riveter Association and was just appointed as the National Vice President for Membership. I am a big family tree researcher. I have spent many hours researching and visiting places to find ancestors grave sites or places of residence.
What do you do for a job?
For the past 14 years, I have worked for a Labor Relations company as the Systems Specialist. I maintain our online databases.
Tell us what you like to do.
I enjoy being with family and friends, watching movies, eating, and playing games. I always say, “It’s not about the what, It’s about the who”. I like to take pictures, I was a professional wedding photographer for many years. My favorite TV show is The Amazing Race. I also like going to estate sales, zoos & museums. I enjoy searching for items to add to my collections. I like music, my favorite music is Christmas, I also like Big Band, 40s Swing & 50s doo-wop, 60s Girl Groups , 70s Disco & Soft Rock, and the 80s, ahh the 80s.
What did you do for working out before CrossFit and what brought you to Ideal CrossFit?
Basically, I had gotten into an awful pattern of couch sitting. My only exercise was getting up off the couch to look in the refrigerator. I did try a local big box gym for about a year, with no success. My cousin had been working out at this thing called Crossfit, and I was seeing a difference in her. So, I thought I would give it a try. I called Daryl, with Ideal and met with him that day.
What was your first impression?
My first impression was “uh oh, I sat on that couch for too long”. HAHA But as a little time went by and I stuck with it, I could see and feel changes. I was getting stronger, making friends, and everybody is really encouraging.
What are some accomplishments you are proud of?
My most proud moments are of my big lifts, 1rep max Deadlift = 105kg, Back Squat = 105kg, Front Squat = 80kg, Clean & Jerk = 50kg, Snatch = 40kg. I have competed in the Crossfit Open twice.
What are your goals at this time?
My current goals include working on my stamina toward running and my stick-to-itiveness (ha, is that a word?) for more aerobic workouts. I would like to see more progress in those workouts. Oh, and maybe someday, be able to do an actual pullup.

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