Athlete of the MonthDecember

Kara Priest

Career: Medical Laboratory Scientist at St. Francis Hospital in the Hematology and Chemistry department

Years at Ideal CrossFit: 2

She is committed too learning things and always tries her best

Name: Kara Priest

Age: 24

AOTM: December

Member of Ideal since: 2018 officially, but I have worked out at Ideal on and off when I visited Broken Arrow since the summer of 2014.

Tell us about yourself!

I was born and raised in West, Texas. I attended college at Southwestern College where I ran track and met my husband, Brandon. After two years, I transferred to Texas Woman’s University, where I obtained my bachelor’s of science in Biology. After a year of clinical rotations for my career, I moved to Broken Arrow to be with Brandon and our two pups, Rosalind and Watson, and we now enjoy our life here in Oklahoma.

What do you do for a job?

I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist at St. Francis Hospital in the Hematology and Chemistry department. Basically, we process patient specimens, and perform maintenance and quality control on our analyzers.

Tell us what you like to do.

I enjoy doing arts and crafts and decorating our new home. Besides that I enjoy just hanging out at home with Brandon and playing with the dogs.

What did you do for working out before CrossFit and what brought you to Ideal CrossFit?

As a sprinter for a college track and field team, we did a lot of olympic lifting and dynamic workouts which I continued after college for a few years. My husband has been at Ideal for a long time, so when I moved here, joining Ideal helped me pick back up on the lifts and movements I had learned in college.

What was your first impression?

How has it changed? The first time I saw a CrossFit workout I thought, “Whoa, these people are crazy for doing this sport.” But after I started to participate in a few classes, I enjoyed the cross between strength training and endurance training that CrossFit workout’s have. On top of that, everyone at Ideal has always been supportive and encouraging during workouts. We push each other and try to make each other better. These things have helped me realize why everyone works out at Ideal.

What are some accomplishments you are proud of?

Right now, my biggest accomplishment would be kipping pull ups. I have never been able to do pull ups well, but when I started at Ideal, Daryl helped he develop the technique and skill to do them consistently.

What are your goals at this time?

Right now I want to focus on just gaining strength in my olympic  lifts. In college I was able to lift a lot more than I can now, and I’m ready to train and get back to that level of strength.

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