Athlete of the MonthJune

Mike Flanary

I enjoy the challenge of learning new exercises

Tell us about yourself! Mike Flanary

48 y/o
Member since May 2016
Husband to my wife, Jennifer with two children, Blake and Brooke
What do you do for a job? Physical Therapist and Co-owner of Excel Therapy Specialists
Tell us what you like to do. Enjoy working out, spending time with my family, hanging by the pool, church activities, etc
What did you do for working out before CrossFit and what brought you to Ideal CrossFit? Previously worked out on my own at local gyms before joining Ideal
What was your first impression?  How has it changed? I quickly became hooked once I started CrossFit at Ideal with the type of programming, instruction, and community.  I enjoyed the challenge of learning new exercises and pushing myself mentally and physically.
What are some accomplishments you are proud of? This past year I accomplished the ring muscle up and handstand walking.
What are your goals at this time? My goal for the next year is to improve my snatch and clean as well as master multiple muscle ups and butterfly techniques.

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