Our Story

A little background history

Prior to opening Ideal CrossFit, Daryl was just a regular guy going back to school in his late thirties. He got introduced to CrossFit by his brother, Troy, in 2009. And it challenged him on every level possible. Being an extremely competitive individual, Daryl tried to beat CrossFit. Of course he couldn’t, but with this mindset he decided to master every aspect of the CrossFit sport that he could.

As his passion and drive to master this sport grew, at times his trainers couldn’t provide him with the answers to his many questions, especially concerning weightlifting. The only place for him to learn the movements of olympic weightlifting back then was through YouTube. Daryl watched video’s in Russian and other languages to figure out what other lifters were doing to get better. He absorbed it all and practiced in his workout and strength sessions.

Experience Your Potential

During a training session Daryl “accidently” gave his opinion to another athlete which helped. “Hey, you should be a coach” was the athlete’s response. Up until then, he had never coached anyone to do anything. It was the spark Daryl needed to go for it. Since then, Daryl’s sole focus has been to be the best coach he can be.

Daryl compares CrossFit’s impact on his life as an asteroid striking the surface of the moon and he tries to have that same impact with every person that comes through the doors of Ideal CrossFit. CrossFit has taught him there is no task that can’t be overcome by hard work and diligence.

Daryl is committed to helping others, through CrossFit, to live to their fullest potential. Hence the Ideal CrossFit moto: “Experience Your Potential.”


7801 Old Highway 51
Broken Arrow, OK 74014