Kristin Colombin
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Kristin Colombin

Athlete of the month: May 2019

Name: Kristin Colombin

Age: 38

AOTM: May 2019 

Member of Ideal Crossfit since May 2018 (Celebrating my 1 year anniversary this month)  

  1. Tell us about yourself! I have been married for 16 years this June to my high school sweetheart Brady Colombin (also is a member at Ideal).  We have three  daughters:  Natalie 12, Kate 9, and Ellie 7.  We live in Broken Arrow.
  2. What do you do for a job?I am teacher.  I have taught for several years in several different districts and taught students ranging from pre-k to high school.  I am currently teaching at Oneta Ridge Middle School in Broken Arrow.
  3. Tell us what you like to do. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family.  We like to go hiking, biking, and taking our two puppies for walks.  I enjoy playing with my girls and watching them in their activities.
  4. What did you do for working out before CrossFit and what brought you to Ideal CrossFit? Before coming to Ideal, I worked out at a few different places, I’ve done home workout videos, ran several 5ks, and 10ks.  I have ran a half and full marathon as well. I was looking for a place where I could get more one on one attention and have a variety of different workouts. My brother in law, Mike Flanary (also a member at Ideal)  always talked about crossfit.   He told me about Ideal.  So I decided to give it a try as long as my sister would come with me.
  5. What was your first impression?  How has it changed?
    I had a wonderful first impression of Ideal Crossfit.  Daryl went over all the basic movements and he was very knowledgeable of how the body moves and strengthens.  I went through a short program with Daryl and during that time he made sure my movements and form were correct.  He coached me at my fitness level and showed me how to make myself better through fitness and diet.  I absolutely love the environment,  culture, and supportive nature of Ideal and of its members.  I try to workout everyday that Ideal is open because the coaches and members are truly amazing and I can’t get enough of it!  I’m hooked!!!!
  6. What are some accomplishments you are proud of? This last January, I set some goals for myself.  1. I want be able to do strict pull-ups. 2. I want to learn how to do double-unders.  3. I want to learn how to climb a rope.  I have successfully accomplished rope climbing and double-unders within the last couple of months.  I am still working on my strict pull ups but I get better everyday.  Its really been fun sharing these goals with our members at Ideal because they share the same enthusiasm and excitement with you as you accomplish these goals.
  7. What are your goals at this time?
    I will continue to work on mastering my strict pull ups and start to work on my overhead squats.  If you have ever seen me try these, you know I have a lot of work to do but I will get it!!!
    Thank you to all the members of Ideal and a huge thank you to Coach Lindsey and Coach Daryl for your time and dedcation to making others better.
Scott Weeks
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Scott Weeks

Athlete of the month: April 2019

Name:  Scott Weeks

Age: 44

AOTM: April 2019

Member of Ideal since:  February 2016

  1. Tell us about yourself! 
    • I have been married for 18 years to my wife Colleen Weeks (also a member at Ideal).  We have three children; Kailey – 12, Karsyn – 9, and Greyson – 6 and we live in Broken Arrow.
  2. What do you do for a job?
    • I have worked at Medtronic (healthcare company) for the last 15 years and I have been in my role as Director of Strategic Accounts for the last 3 ½ years.
  3. Tell us what you like to do. 
    • We love to travel, we are active with our kids school and at our Church, and I have coached youth soccer for a number of years.
  4. What did you do for working out before CrossFit and what brought you to Ideal CrossFit?
    • I played soccer and loved to run.  Colleen and I did a number of half marathons and I did one full marathon.   I joined Ideal in February 2016 to try something different.  I was working out by myself and wasn’t pushing myself like I would prefer.  I kept driving down 71st and would see the sign for Ideal and finally made the decision to give Ideal CrossFit a shot.
  5. What was your first impression?  How has it changed?
    • My first impression was that I got a great workout every time and that the programming was different every day.   I was little intimidated by the Olympic lifting,  because I had always been more focused on running and cardio.   Daryl was great because he was so focused on the mechanics of lifting and teaching me the right way to perform each lift.
    • Over the last couple years I have become more comfortable/confident with the lifting and gymnastic movements.  I still have a long way to go,  but I feel like I continue to improve.  I really like the programming at Ideal CrossFit and I love that I am pushed outside my comfort zone all the time to get better and to improve my health.
  6. What are some accomplishments you are proud of? 
    • Over the last year I was able to achieve three big milestones: double-unders,  handstand walks, and bar muscle-ups.    The bar muscle-ups was what I was most proud of,  because it took me forever to figure it out.  I had a lot of good advice from Daryl and from the 5:30AM crew, along with a little extra work each week that finally helped me figure it out.
  7. What are your goals at this time? 
    • I want to be able to do a ring muscle-up, improve my technique/strength on Snatches and Cleans, and continue to improve on my three milestones from the past year.

Thank you to Daryl and Lindsey for all that they do for everyone at Ideal CrossFit.

Meet - Brenda Rubin
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Meet - Brenda Rubin

Athlete of the month: May 2017

Brenda Rubin started Ideal CrossFit in January 2017. Originally she got into CrossFit to get into better shape. She was turning 40 and wanted to gain more strength.

In 2014 she started CrossFit Sky in Tulsa, Oklahoma and bounced around a few gyms till she landed here at Ideal CrossFit. Right now she is a stay at home mom, but plans on going back to school and finish her LPC.

Some of her current fitness goals are improving her technique for Olympic lifting, getting a bar muscle up this year and using Ideal CrossFit’s training to prepare for next year’s CrossFit Open.


7801 Old Highway 51
Broken Arrow, OK 74014